Description of the project

Italian yellow directory

One of the most interesting projects that will be promoted by the Italian Chamber and Commerce Office in UAE is the Italian Yellow Directory. The project, that will be launched in the month of June 2022, works as a direct bridge between the Italian companies of several sectors and the different Operators of the Gulf Area. It is important to highlight that this kind of project is the first one to appear in the Gulf Area and that it has as main goal the one-off creating contacts, providing visibility and presence to all Made in Italy products, so that new and concrete opportunities of business for the Italian companies will be created.

This ambitious project, which is the result of both experience and knowledge of the territory thanks to the twenty years-old presence of the Italian Industry and Commerce Office in UAE in this Area, will not have any temporal deadline. As a consequence, it will become a real and true point of reference for the Operators in the Gulf Area. The so-called Made in Italy is largely appreciated in these Countries and the Project will function as an accelerator to the already existent trend of buying the Italian products.

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