A.S.G.A. is an association located in Montalcino, made up of producers gathered to collaborate in order to offer the consumer a qualitatively superior product, giving life to Tuscan excellences, with outstanding organoleptic properties, typical of the territories of origin. The products we exhibit are short-chain honeys, each guaranteed by the producer and certified by A.S.G.A. through an internal specification, designed to guarantee the high quality and authenticity of the products.

A.S.G.A. was created on the 13th March 1976 thanks to the foresight of the beekeeper Roberto Franci and some of his colleagues from Siena and Grosseto, and since 1985 the province of Arezzo has also been part of it.

 A.S.G.A. was created to increase and improve the production of honey, as well as to bring together beekeepers and traders. For some years the results were excellent and it is no coincidence that the Montalcino honey fair still enjoys its own charm and national resonance today.

 We have recently concluded a research contract with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità for the protection and welfare of bees, also defining agreements with the rural district of Montalcino, regarding its excellence with Coldiretti of Arezzo. Among the projects are the study of honey plants and the cultivation of uncultivated land to avoid abandonment and erosion, and important genetic characteristics of the queen bees in the Uccellina Park. 

In September we get to the heart of the association with the “Honey Week”, an exhibition-market outside the Fortress with honey stands and excellent products in Montalcino.


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