In the peace and quiet of a small village that historically takes the name of its inhabitants, Acetaia Razzoli, is nestled in the alleys of Razzolo in the heart of the Apennines of Reggio Emilia, the land of exquisite aromas and exceptional flavors. It was born from the desire to preserve the memory of the Razzoli house through the most precious of the products of the gastronomic variety from Reggio Emilia: balsamic vinegar. We produce mountain vinegar respecting the natural and traditional process and the absence of contamination makes it a genuine pleasure.

Ours is a family story, made of home fragrances and intense flavors of lands and expectations. «I built my life around a passion. Determination and commitment took me far. Today the love for the simple and precious things of my land brings me back home». In this way Giuliano Razzoli, inside his family business, tells the story of his return to origins. The aim behind the company was born by bringing to light a gift inherited from his grandfather. What 70 years ago was a young must jealously guarded for someone’s own delight, today is a proudly protected page of history.

We are a family agricultural company which, thanks to the noble passion for high quality Balsamic Vinegar, wants to promote everyday people’s Life Quality through the millenary tradition of the balsamic. We have the primary goal to provide an important added value, thanks to the continuous care for the product, that goes from the precious quality of the grapes, continuing with the long and patient refinement of must cooked in barrels and finally to the elegant packaging. When you open one of our Balsamic Vinegar bottles you find the most precious thing: TIME.

Our products are used by famous chefs to finish and exalt dishes that become true emotional experiences: what matters to us is that our Vinegars manage to make hearts beat. Enthusiasm, passion for excellence, enhancement of our territory, attention to people’s health, care for the environment, transparency: these are the values that push us every day in order to gain your trust and respect.


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