Alicos, born from the heartfelt passion of a Sicilian family for the extraordinary and unmistakable flavors of their homeland, embodies the essence of ancient culinary traditions handed down through generations. This cherished island, renowned for its gastronomic heritage, has inspired Alicos to embark on a journey of culinary exploration and innovation, elevating traditional Sicilian delicacies to the pinnacle of cutting-edge gastronomy.

An Alicos gustatory experience is a delightful voyage back in time, amidst ancient olive groves and intoxicating fragrances, unveiling a “Sicily of taste” waiting to be discovered. The brand’s mission is rooted in promoting personal well-being through a commitment to healthy and authentic nutrition. In a world marked by hectic lifestyles and often disregarded dietary habits, Alicos takes pride in selecting only premium raw materials, harmoniously combining delectable flavors with a health-conscious approach.

At the heart of our excellence lies the production and distribution of extra virgin olive oil, extracted from the rare cerasuola variety, renowned for its fruity aroma and intense taste. Complementing this cherished specialty, Alicos offers an extensive array of products, from preserves, meals, and patés to ready-made sauces, sweet creams, jams, and marmalades. Catering to the discerning tastes of the modern consumer, these delicacies also come in organic and vegan variants.

Alicos stands as a beacon of culinary culture, spreading the essence of good taste and top-notch quality worldwide. With each exquisite bite, Sicily unveils its unique identity, captivating all who embark on this sensory journey, and reinforcing Alicos as a leader in gastronomic excellence.

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