Molino Bordignon is a company founded in 1892 by the Bordignon family, based in Rosà in the province of Vicenza, Italy.

Molino Bordignon has always been recognized for the merit of supplying products of excellent quality and stable over time. Fundamental aspects, together with customer care, which have allowed us to keep customers over the years.

After 3 generations, in 2021, the Bordignon family transfers ownership of the mill to the Bordin family.

For Molino Bordignon it has always been a priority to seek the best for its customers. For this reason, most of its flours are from wheat/corn grown in Italy. The new ‘Origine Italia’ line born in 2021 was not designed only for the Italian market, but also for the foreign market. All packs have key data in 7 languages including Arabic.

Molino Bordignon is an artisan company structured for high production capacities, but it is also very flexible, responding quickly to customer needs. We have the ability to study and create customized packaging for each customer, even in Arabic. In the company we have an Arabic native speaker.

The advantage of Molino Bordignon is that it offers a wide range of flours from different raw materials (soft wheat, durum wheat, yellow and white corn, rice). We also have the ability to package products other than flour, for example beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc…

Molino Bordignon is the official exporter of Molino Calemma. A durum wheat mill where slow traditional processing allows us to obtain excellent semolina, rich in proteins and natural aromas

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