ArteBianca started out in Venice in 1968 as a small artisan company and it has grown into a solid, mature business group that is renowned for its dynamic approach and its ability to adapt to the market, as it continues to enhance the quality of its products.

By adeptly and resolutely following carefully considered steps and goals, we have managed to grow constantly and establish ourselves as leading players in the market. We have been able to achieve this result by creating the right team spirit within the company and long-lasting ties with our customers, suppliers and all those who every day contribute in different ways to making ArteBianca products more and more healthy, wholesome and delicious.

As part of its tireless drive to “make healthy, first-rate products, with consumers in mind”, ArteBianca not only seeks out new ingredients and original recipes but is also constantly committed to improving the energy performance of its production lines and reducing its environmental impact.

Our recipes are clean and our products are certified. We use a small number of ingredients and carry out meticulous checks on all raw materials and production processes.

Bread is a simple food and as such it needs to be wholesome. That applies not only to the ingredients, but also to the intentions behind it. At ArteBianca, we consider it absolutely essential to show respect for others and take an environmentally friendly approach.

At ArteBianca, we have always strived to make our bread “delicious, healthy and not just soft, but incredibly soft”. That is why our products are completely crustless and they contain just a few carefully selected ingredients. There is absolutely nothing in our bread that could adversely affect its healthy goodness.

Every day, we are inspired by people’s needs and wishes to make our unique bread, which is always exceedingly soft.

Progress is the watchword at ArteBianca. Along with experience in its field, technology is the “secret ingredient” used by the company to make superior, innovative products. Numerous tests and checks are carried out on the ingredients, the production criteria and all of the manufacturing procedures in general. Consequently, ArteBianca can certify its production processes and ensure that its products are safe and capable of meeting market expectations.

Our products:

The iconic, delicious and extremely soft crustless bread PAN PIUMA comes in four varieties of simple, wholesome recipes. It is perfect for everybody in all occasions and moment of the day.

Tradition and Quality. The original “Tramezzino Venezia” is the ambassador of Italian good taste with an innovative product and made especially to foreign markets – export – but respectful of tradition with a special recipe that guarantees super soft and tasty slices of bread without crust.

ArteBianca’s new product is the large Crunchy Breadcrumb Flakes, ideal for making crispy fried dishes, substantial fillings and crunchy salads, as well as conjuring up all sorts of other culinary creations.

Certifications: BRC & IFS highest rates, ORGANIC, VEGAN, US FDA, ISO.


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