BIOPAP® is a system of food containers patented, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, resistant to extreme temperatures from freezer to oven (also microwave). We started more than 20 years ago and our innovative approach has allowed us to continuously improve materials and containers from renewable, non-intensive and sustainable raw materials with a fully European supply chain.
Sustainability is our guide, not a trend.
This has been our vision from the beginning, when we developed and launched our containers as an alternative to traditional food packaging.
We built the technology to produce them and finally developed the closure system to guarantee hygiene and tightness. At BIOPAP® we design all our products according to the principles of eco-design, taking care of our environment by using renewable resources and energy responsibly, monitoring and reducing consumption at every stage of our processes. BIOPAP® containers are heat-sealable and meet the growing environmental awareness and the functional and ecological expectations of producers and consumers. Both in Italy and abroad, we operate in the catering company for hospitals, corporates, schools and airlines, food industry, deli counter, the large scale retail trade, delivery service.
Final consumer can store the food in the container in the freezer (-80° C) and refrigerator and cook it in the microwave and traditional oven (up to 175 °C).
He can dispose it in the organic bag together with residual food or in paper bin, if properly cleaned.
Over the past 6 years, as an international leader in innovation we have invested over 6.5 million Euro in R&D and new equipment.

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