The company Caffè Trombetta S.p.A., founded in Rome more than 100 years ago, it’s a family-owned company of average dimensions.
It forms, together with the most important roasting companies of the area, the Consorzio del Sao Cafè, that promotes the sale of coffee with the Consortium brand, through a common commercial policy.
The company is present in the retail, HO.RE.CA. and vending sectors. The company also cares about the Private Label locating its brands on the international markets of many countries.
Our factory is in Pomezia, the industrial area near Rome, and has a capability of production of about 6.000 tons per year.
The quest for quality begins from the producing countries, through a careful selection of suppliers and a strict definition of quality standards.
The composition of the blends is the result of know-how handed down from generation to generation. This wealth of knowledge is combined with technological progress the company has made significant investments in new state-of-the-art plants and the production is fully automated, with software that guarantees extreme precision in all phases, ensuring homogeneous quality and maximum compliance with the requirements of traceability and safety. The Quality System is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, with checks on the entire supply chain. Last but not least, the IFS certified by DNV GL has been issued to us.
The company also has a Code of Ethics to ensure transparency and fairness that characterize trade relations.
The range of products includes roasted and ground coffee blends, vacuum-packed, that are addressed to the food market and coffee beans created on purpose for the bar and vending sectors. Particular attention is paid to the production of filter paper pods and capsules.
The company is in fact one of the first roasters in Italy to have entered the single-serve segment, acquiring important know-how over time.
In particular, the Nespresso* compatible capsule line “l’espresso” includes 5 qualities, one of which is a reference to organic coffee. Differing from most manufacturers, the company chose to package the capsules individually in a protective atmosphere to preserve the freshness and aromas of the coffee. Without considering the enveloping scent that invites the preparation of espresso when the bag is opened!
To meet market demands Caffè Trombetta has recently launched the line “l’espresso Dolce”, capsules compatible with Nescafè * Dolce Gusto* domestic machines. The capsules are available in 3 flavors with the unique and unrepeatable taste of the best Italian espresso and are packaged in 16-piece bags in a protective atmosphere.

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