Our history began back in 1950, when Grandpa Primo left Quinzano d’Oglio, a village in the province of Brescia, to perform his military service. While he was away, he fell in love with the Veneto region of Italy.
He soon began working in a local dairy, milking cows every morning, producing Casatella in the afternoon, and riding his infamous Lambretta around town to sell what was a brand new cheese for that area to neighbours and small shops. Demand for this cheese very soon began to increase, and in 1955 he finally set up his own dairy, which he named Caseificio Tomasoni. At the heart of our know-how today is the same commitment to quality and traditional cheese-making art, secrets passed down to us by our ancestors. We carefully follow each step of production: from the milk delivered fresh every day to our dairy to the meticulous choice of milk cultures selected over years of cheese-making experience for the taste they give our cheeses. Every day, we process over 60 tonnes of cow’s milk, goat’s milk and buffalo’s milk from 28 cow farms in the Treviso area. The company carefully chooses the raw ingredients.
It is thanks to this controlled, healthy, wholesome milk that we can create unique products rooted in our land. The cheeses are produced by skilful dairymen, bringing to the table the authentic, wholesome flavour of our land. Caseificio Tomasoni sells more than 30 products, including fresh and aged, hard and semi-hard cheeses. Stracchino cheeses make up 70% of our total production.

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