The Carmazzi Company was founded over a century ago in Torre del Lago, the small Tuscan village where Giacomo Puccini spent most of his life and found the inspiration to compose his immortal masterpieces. The ancestors of the Carmazzi’s worked as handmen in the estate of the noble Bourbon family. Giuseppe Carmazzi, who can be considered the real founder of the company, back from a work experience in New York where he had emigrated in the ’10s of the ‘900 with his brothers, started the family business exactly where the company is located today. From extensive agriculture, with the passing of the years and the generations, they progressively specialized the activity coming to the modern greenhouses cultivation. At the end of the ’70s Marco Carmazzi replaced his father Eustachio as CEO and the company specialized again in floriculture, with the production of potted flowering plants, aromatic plants, strawberries and chili peppers. In the ’80s the company started the production of cut flowers and organic vegetables, when the awareness of those cultivation methods was not so widespread in Italy. Today, thanks to a ten- year collaboration with the University of Pisa and the chili pepper-expert Massimo Biagi who died in 2017, the company offers chili pepper plants from various parts of the world, some of which are extremely rare, and a line of spicy food products branded MrPIC. Over the years, the Carmazzi’s family has been widely appreciated in Italy and in Europe offering its customers genuine products that are characterized by high quality standards and cultivated following strictly the natural cycles of the plants (Carmazzi gained its first official organic certification back in 1989, issued by the Soil and Health Association). With the aim of preserving its history and traditions without sacrificing the search for new markets and trends, the company has also started a profitable collaboration with the Spanish group flowers2eat, starting to grow different kind of edible flowers and becoming the first company in Europe to obtain an organic certification in this peculiar sector.

In 2008 Carmazzi was the first Italian horticultural company to obtain the prestigious environmental management certification ISO 14001 having implemented a production process focused on sustainability and resources optimization (innovative sub-irrigation techniques, waste sorting, constant monitoring of fertilization processes). In the same year the Carmazzi’s obtained the ISO 9001 certification, issued to those companies that make quality productions, confirming itself as a virtuous model in the panorama of the Italian agricultural enterprises. In 2012 Giacomo Carmazzi, the sixth generation of the family engaged in farming, began working in the company that in the meantime has also gained experience in the construction of gardens and architectural greenery: in 2012 they won the first prize at the prestigious Orticolario festival for the realization of the “Garden of New Love”. In 2013 the company was ranked third at the 100th edition of the Royal Horticoltural Society Chelsea Flower Show in England with the installation “The Sonic Pangea Garden” (a completely edible garden).

“Our mission is to be competitive in a constantly evolving market, embracing the opportunities offered by new technologies and always giving our customers the highest quality products. Our philosophy focuses on the importance of human relationships and the balance between sustainability, respect for the environment and innovation.”

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