Foresti, founded in Italy in 1880, is a modern dairy company with over one hundred years of tradition and experience.

For us true and lasting success requires more than just premium products. That is why we’ve worked hard over 100 years to distinguish ourselves becoming today a modern and highly technological dairy industry.

Mascarpone, Italian Fontal cheese and Ricotta are our bestsellers while our product range includes also Taleggio PDO and smoked scamorza cheese. All of our products are made with 100% Italian milk following family ancient traditions in order to obtain a unique product with the finest quality.

Our mascarpone is known for its extra creamy texture and its sweet and creamy aroma. It’s a premium ingredient ideal for preparing creams, desserts and delicious recipes. Thanks to its unique characteristics it’s also appreciated naturally spread on bread.

Foresti is the first producer of Fontal cheese in Italy. Known as “Stella Alpina” this cheese is characterized by a sweet and delicate taste. It’s aged for over 60 days on traditional wooden boards respecting a secular tradition.  It’s very appreciated in platters and in the preparation of sandwiches and tasty recipes.

Our ricotta is characterized by a high protein content and a soft and grainy texture. It’s a fresh dairy product appreciated for the preparation of fillings, sauces, tasty recipes and desserts.

We offer a variety of solutions and formats to suit retail, food service and food industry.

Foresti embraces sustainable production processes that respect the environment and our earth.


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