We are an Italian company that manufactures frozen pulps, mainly from tropical fruits, in Brazil.

Our assortment: ranges from the tropical “classics” (such as mango, pineapple, coconut, papaya, passion fruit, lime, goiaba/guava) to the Brazilian specialties that are appreciated more and more in the international markets: açai, acerola, cajá, graviola/soursop, cajú, often characterized by fascinating new tastes and exceptional nutritional values (like açai and acerola, among others).

More recently, we have extended our range to melon.

Our fruit pulps are without any preservatives or colorings and without added sugar: only 100% fruit.

Our 13 fruit varieties are available in the following packaging sizes:
– 6 x 1kg boxes usually chosen by professionals in restaurants and by artisanal ice cream and pastry makers.
– boxes with 15 small bags, each with 4 units of 100g, ideal for professionals running juice bars, cocktail bars, or in every situation when a small portion of high-quality fruit pulp is needed.

Besides these two sizes, we package the main fruit varieties also in 16 kg bag-in-box, ideally suited for large laboratories of ice cream and pastry and for industrial clients.

As a direct producer of frozen pulps from fruits harvested in the North-East of Brazil, we are uniquely positioned to offer excellent price quality relationship, controlled and stable quality and traceability of our products.

From the direct management of juice bars, from exhibiting in many trade exhibitions and from a collaboration with hundreds of clients, we have developed a set of proprietary recipes for smoothies, ice cream / sorbet, ice slush, and various other applications of our fruit pulps, which we make available to our clients.

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