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Closing your eyes, you will smell the wheat, the sweets that filled the grandmother’s cupboard. Our history began in 2008, three friends rediscover the ancient union between fire and wheat, the simplicity of the authentic flavors of life, biscuits, cakes, sugars, all handcrafted, to relive the emotions of family and goodness. The small imperfections that distinguish each individual product have always been conceived for the company as a source of pride, as evidence of the craftsmanship that is the basis of any biscuit that is created.


Since 2008 we have been producing and marketing biscuits that are increasingly appreciated by the market. During the last 13 years, we have been piloting the growth of this Artisanal Industry and consolidate the relationship with clients, such as shops, dairies and well-known distribution chains as Conad and Carrefour, in the province of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia, and now we continue to grow our commercial area in the Italian territory.


Our mission is to realize genuine and tasty products according to ancient recipes and in an artisanal way, with high quality raw materials and without the addition of preservatives and chemical additives.
In our business, we want not only to preserve tradition, but also to enhance human capital involved in the realization of these.


The company produce a total of 42 references, of which:

– 15 types of biscuits: among these, in addition to products such as sugars with sugar

grains, biscuits with puffed rice or corn, there are also mountain sugars, classics of the territory and covered with a candied sugar enriched with anise, originally prepared and offered to guests to celebrate important occasions such as weddings or Christmas and Easter Celebrations.

– 4 types of “peaches”: from classic reds to Alchermes with chocolate inside, up to more unusual flavors offered by those with limoncello, coffee or mint.

– 3 types of “tigelle”: from the classic, up to the whole meal, up to a smaller type called “mini”.

– 10 types of Bolognese “raviole”: which were prepared on the occasion of the feast of San Giuseppe, on 19 March, but which today are produced and consumed all year round, with any type of jam inside, blueberry, apricot, with berries and many others, including the mustard itself, typical of the local tradition.

– 10 types of open “ravioli”: similar in shape to a bow, with all the types of jams available to the company inside.

Furthermore, for the past 4 years, during the Christmas and Easter period, we realize the typical Italian Panettone, that is increasingly appreciated and requested by customers who can buy it mainly in the company shop.

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Our business complies with the requirements of the Italian legislation for food production, regarding the hygiene and food safety provided by the HACCP, and traceability.


We are a small but well-organized artisanal company in Montese, a small town in the middle of Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.
The partners of the activity are Katia Nardi, as Company legal representative, and Manfredini Christian.

Miss Katia Nardi

Mr. Christian Manfredini

Miss Eleonora Santoni


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