Gentilini is one of the oldest biscuits and rusks manufactures, established in 1890 in Rome, it represents quality, tradition, genuinity, passion, taste and…fragrance.
The fragrance of the warm biscuits and rusks, “just baked”, spreading everyday along Via Tiburtina.
The production of each Gentilini biscuit is not technique, it’s an art, preparing and offering only products of exceptional quality with the same enthusiasm as ever.
OUR VALUES since 1890, are:
TRADITION of artisanal products made like “once upon a time”, GENUINENESS that we still honour and bake according to original recipes, CREDIBILITY of healthy and fresh ingredients, RELIABILITY of daily quality controls all along the productive chain, FAMILIARITY of a brand who has generated a sense of belonging in its consumers.
The trademark consists of a locomotive made up of biscuits, Because is the metaphore of the founder looking for the best raw materials around Italy of his time.
In the early 1900s Gentilini made a series of “historical” boxes that carried the words “Rich assortment of biscuit boxes for gifts“ in addition to the larger ones, used in stores for the sale of loose biscuits.
The lithographed tin boxes were not only beautiful, they had the great advantage of preserving the fragrance of biscuits for a long time for both shopkeepers and tourists who, with the box, brought home the flavors and images of the trip.
In 133 years Gentilini has always kept its promise of quality, still baking according to original recipes which remain a well-kept secret.

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