A company specialised in the production extracts, infusions and flavourings for the beverage and food industry; and much more. This is G.M.C Mariani: a powerhouse of energy that has combined tradition and research in order to develop the best solutions since 1910.
The beverage industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the market. For this reason, G. Mariani & C. is constantly evolving to keep up with emerging needs; we have equipped ourselves with a complete range of tools, advanced technologies and qualified staff.
From the careful study of raw ingredients to the most original and innovative solutions: our goal is to ensure the highest standards of quality for every custom project.
We combine nature and innovation to find solutions that meet the needs of our customers and the food industry. It is not a coincidence that GMC Mariani’s products are the result of a century of experience and dynamism that steer us in selecting the best raw ingredients to be transformed into high quality extracts, infusions and flavours: from 1910 to the present day, we have never stood still.

A large dose of industry knowledge, technology as required and a pinch of creativity: the fundamental ingredients of G. Mariani & C. that ensure a superior production of flavourings, extracts, emulsions and infusions.

Sophisticated technologies and extensive testing enable us to create superb flavourings that maintain their qualitative and sensory characteristics over time. Fresh products used in beverages to impart cloudiness, flavour and colours.

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