Grande Impero it’s simply Bread, the story of an italian family that for generations has been selecting and grinding only the finest Italian grains. It is the unstoppable path of a company that since 2010 has surpassed any projection of growth thanks to the production of a Bread with Sourdough, naturally leavened, with unique characteristics.

Grande Impero was born out of a vision of a business whose solid foundations include ethics and quality, two concepts that undoubtedly lead to success when they are put into practice every day, just as we are proving today. Indeed, in just ten years we have become a bread-making business that has numerous partners (including employees, bakers, carriers) and distributes its products to many retail outlets spread out across Lazio and Umbria, baking excellent fresh bread every day.

As the official bread of large national events, our products have been savoured by stars and personalities from the world of entertainment. However, every day we love sharing our success with all those who contribute to the success of a product that combines respect for tradition with in-depth research into customers’ needs and the desire to do business differently, creating a new entrepreneurial logic inspired by shared values, the primarily aim of which is people’s wellbeing.

The usual gestures, the habits, the simple and good ones that make our culture unique in the world. Bread is a key element in the history of ltalians and that is why Grande Impero takes care of it every day.


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