BIANCO DI MANDORLA is the brand belonging to our Company, I Fugali S.r.l

Our Sicilian company is standing on a long family business history and overall is based on the unique quality of our indigenous almonds certified by the Avola’s Consortium. Our Almonds are growing only 100% in Sicily.

Infact almonds stands out in Sicily such as real Food Excellency.

Phoenicians introduced the Almonds on the island and the Arabs used them in the confectionery field. Sicilian almonds have an hard shell which protects the seed from pests, and delivers a superior beneficial properties compared to other varieties. They have an exceptionally low cholesterol and high level of vitamins, Zero lactose, plenty of proteins, vitamins, omega – 6 and mineral salt.

We are producing Almond Milk concentrating from 16% up to the 24% of real Almonds in our juice.

All the Almonds have been origin certified from Avola Almond Consortium, and our Almonds are well known worldwide for their quality. The White Almonds is the “Gemella di Mandorla Avola.”  Our drinks are with or without sugar, without food preservatives and offered on different taste.

This Drink was born in the ancient Sicilian monasteries as a refreshing drink, and within the time, our recipes, it also became a healthy product suitable for everyone. Above the exceptional flavor and taste, is perfect for those who want a refreshing drink in the summer or wintertime, at breakfast or in the afternoon, or for those who want to follow a healthy diet enhancing the taste.

Suitable for those people with lactose or gluten intolerance being our products naturally lactose/gluten free.

Refreshing on hot summer days, delicious with freshly baked biscuits during the cold winter.

Try it for breakfast or for a healthy snack full of energy.

It is also great for the preparation of creams, puddings or for all receipes in which you want to replace milk, as well as for the creation of cocktails.

WE LOVE GREEN! To preserve the organoleptic characteristics, nothing is better than glass, while we are respecting the nature. For this reason, we are proposing our almond milk, on different formats, with a design and transparent glass bottle. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our kind Regards.


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