My life is a journey. I have visited coffee territories to discover people who have dedicated their whole lives to the cultivation and coffee production..

My name is Steve Salomoni, I’m Italian and I am “IL TORREFATTORE” founder’s. The company is considered one of the few coffee roaster reality in Italy with the highest quality and constant research by investing in technologies for product care and development in terms of new coffee combinations.

In my professional path I have selected different coffees, always searching the most authentic tastes and trying to fully express the best aromas of each variety.

Our coffee lines are:

BLEND – artisan coffee blends.

NOTE D’ESPRESSO – flavoured coffees.

MONOS LE PIANTAGIONI – single origin coffees.

BLEND is a line of artisan and high quality coffee blends, ideal for professionals who believe in coffee as a valuable product. Selected coffees for restaurants and coffee shops.

Blend: Supremo / De-Cafè.

NOTE D’ESPRESSO is the line for different occasions or for a gift. Note d’espresso are coffees flavoured with 100% natural aromas with different flavours and combinations.

Flavours: Chocolate Orange / Hazelnut / Vanilla / Caramel / Chocolate / Irish Cream

MONOS LE PIANTAGIONI: is a line of the highest quality coffees where taste and aroma are the maximum expression of coffee. They are all single-origin varieties selected directly on the plantation with full product traceability.

Monos Le Piantagioni: Brazil / Guatemala / Papua New Guinea / Tanzania / Costa Rica / Myanmar / Ethiopia / Burundi.

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