Healthy, Tasty and Green

We were established in 2013 basing our philosophy on three fundamental concepts, the protection of the ENVIRONMENT, the WELL-BEING of people and the FREEDOM of man to approach the plant world.

Through this philosophy we have studied the Mycology Area with the Italian Universities, applying it both in the environmental and food fields.

From here the idea of creating Smart Functional food with healthy mushrooms was born.

The creation of a range of delicious foods and snacks enriched by the properties of Shiitake and rich in vitamin D, claim declared on all our products ( 60 food products) came to life.

Why Shiitake Mushrooms? Because it:

– Boosts the immune-system;

– Our Shiitake mushroom is RICH IN Vitamin D₂, this is due to the exclusive cultivation method tested by us.

Worldwide, over 90% of the population has vitamin D deficiency. Too much time spent indoors and bad eating habits are the two main causes of this deficiency. Mushrooms helps to integrate Vitamin D into our body.

– has molecules such as Lentinan, used in the PREVENTION OF CANCERS and Eritadenine, ALLIED TO REDUCE CHOLESTEROL.

From Breakfast to Dinner.

The idea that guided the creation of the line is simple, as often happens with authentically innovative ideas: improve the intake of Vitamin D, obtained from a natural source with targeted intakes throughout the day, through a complete offer of healthy foods and snacks, with extremely “clean” and certified organic recipes.

The vision of the “IoBoscoVivo” is doing good to the environment and doing good to the greatest number of people.


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