Limorè is an Italian brand specialized in the production of excellent quality lemons. Born in 2019 from the cooperative of producers of Rocca Imperiale Igp lemons to aggregate the production of the Calabrian municipality, in the province of Cosenza, over the years it has worked on the genuineness, control and image of this precious citrus fruit, so as to obtain recognition in 2011 single-municipal PGI community. Juicy, with an intense and aromatic yellow color. The PGI lemon cultivated for centuries in the Rocca Imperiale area belongs to the Femminiello Comune cultivar, attributable to the botanical species Citrus Limon, known as “Antico or Nostrano di Rocca Imperiale” and has excellent qualities, also confirmed by an important research conducted by the University of Calabria – Department of Ecology.
Among the strengths of the Limorè consortium is the very short supply chain. In fact, all the fruits are selected by hand and processed within hours of harvesting in a factory near the more than 500 hectares of lemon groves. In this way, a 100% natural product is guaranteed on the counter, very fresh and without the addition of additives, preservatives, colorings or sugars. Furthermore, the choice not to treat the lemon after harvesting makes its peel edible, confirming the genuineness of the fruit. The strategic position in which the lemon groves are located, with the protection of the hills to the west, north and south, and the mitigating action of the Ionian Sea to the south-east, makes this territory a real natural oasis which has a unique influence the characteristics of this fruit.

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