Lucchi e Guastalli is a dynamic, modern and innovative company, driven by passion, firmly rooted in the Riviera Ligure area.

Born from the passion of its founders, Lucchi and Guastalli is the first company to boast the RIVIERA LIGURE Protected Designation of Origin and the first Ligurian to win, with DOP EVO oil, the Ercole Olivario, the most coveted olive oil award at national level.

30 hectares of olive groves and vineyards, on terraced hillsides, divided into several lots in the municipalities of Santo Stefano di Magra, Vezzano Ligure and Riomaggiore.

Only quality and certified productions: olives and DOP Riviera Ligure oil, honey from the 5 Terre, DOC and IGT wines from Lunigiana, Colli di Luni and Liguria di Levante.

Firmly rooted in the territory and at the same time dynamic, modern and innovative in its DNA, it adopts techniques with a low environmental impact, which preserve the environment and the health of bees.

Cultural and educational activities, guided visits to the vineyards and olive groves and the production plant, conducted by Marco Lucchi, Doctor Agronomist, expert taster and panel leader of the APOL Liguria tasting committee.

The first oil mill in Liguria that does not produce waste from its production cycle: clean and renewable energy is obtained from residual biomass: the wood seeds are recovered as ecological fuel for heating the water used in the company, while the pomace is sent to a biogas plant for the production of electricity


Export Manager Marco Lucchi


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