Welcome to the world of Luisa Pantaleo, a Puglian agricultural company founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting local farming and preserving our land. In collaboration with the Pantaleo Agriculture Foundation, we passionately cultivate our 130 hectares of land, stretching along the Regional Natural Park of Coastal Dunes from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo.

Our mission is to preserve local products, such as the rare “queen tomato” of Torre Canne, which we proudly include in the prestigious Slow Food Presidia. Through crop rotation, we achieved organic certification in just three years.

Our dedication goes beyond cultivation; it extends to the transformation and packaging processes, with the sole purpose of reviving the authentic flavors of the past. The tomato, an emblem of Puglia’s culinary heritage, takes center stage, from the red of our grandmothers’ ragù to the joyous anticipation of children awaiting lunchtime with orecchiette in tomato sauce and fresh basil.

Luisa Pantaleo products embody the essence of Puglia’s traditions and authenticity. With passion, we cultivate and transform the treasures of our land, bringing the genuine taste of a Puglia rich in history and love for its territory to your table. We invite you to join us on this culinary journey, where our philosophy is to nourish your heart and palate with the authenticity of Luisa Pantaleo.

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