MCM Massa was founded in the early fifties and is a small company that transmits its skills from father to son in the construction of machinery for the food and confectionery industries, for the processing of chocolate but also for the cosmetics industry.

It produces innovative, functional, and high-quality machines, personalized according to the needs of individual customers, from confectionery to artisan laboratories, for which, especially for those who work in small spaces, the equipment produced is particularly useful for their versatility and manageability.

It also proposed to the semi-industrial sector, as well as to major national and international brands, thanks to its qualified and technologically always up to date staff.

Starting from 2014, a showroom has been created at the headquarters to offer the customer the opportunity to view the machines produced.

The company, thanks to the marketing network, the partners who work with it both on the national territory and abroad, and it’s after-sales service, is able to consolidate existing relationships and create new ones.

We design and produce availing of over 70 years of experience a wide range of insulated tanks, insulated fat, melting equipments, displacement pumps with gears or lobes, filters and pipes for the food/confectionery sector, in particular for Chocolate and Glass Industries. The range of our production is from 50 kg to 24.000 kg. We produce also tempers and laboratory melter studied for artisan and semi-industrial laboratories.

The biggest food Industries have chosen our machines which are the result of a continuous quality evolution and technical innovation.



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