In 1987 Chiara and Stefano Toppano founded the company ORO CAFFÈ srl, specialized in the roasting of high quality coffees. Today, the company produces over 10 different roasted bean blends, a line of single-origin Specialty Coffee, a line of capsules for its ALLEGRA capsule machine, Nespresso-compatible and Lavazza-compatible capsules. Furthermore, ORO CAFFÈ has recently started the production of professional coffee machines.
ORO CAFFÉ in Italy is mainly present in Triveneto and is one of the founders of the consortium for the protection of Italian Espresso Coffee.
ORO CAFFÈ also distributes in over 40 countries around the world: in 2014 it inaugurated its first foreign branch in Toronto (Canada) and in 2019 a German branch in Munich. It also has good distribution in the Netherlands, Great Britain, the USA, all Eastern European countries, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China and Malaysia.
In its headquarters in Tavagnacco (UD), in addition to production, there is space for the “School of coffee” for the training of baristas and the bar “ADORO CAFÈ Sede Centrale” open to the public. This place is part of the ADORO CAFÈ chain of coffee shops created by the company in 2015 with the aim of spreading the culture of Italian espresso and coffee.
Always sensitive to environmental impact issues, equipped with a powerful photovoltaic system, latest generation green machinery and ecological packaging, the company periodically organizes the GREEN STYLE DAY festival dedicated to sustainable living, open to all and open to the future.


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