The company ‘’Savi Italo Srl’’ was founded in 1991 by the Savi family, first for the milling activity and then, in the Sixties, for the trading of cereals and  oilseeds.

At the beginning, the trading was only for conventional grains produced by farmers in Italy then, since 1999, the company started with  the trading of the organic grains and its derivatives.

The products marketed increased overtime, both in quantity and category, leading the company to sell not only in the local market, but also in the national and in the foreign one.

Nowadays, the organic segment is very important for the company and it covers about the 70% of the sales volume.

The company Savi Italo Srl started to increase:

  • 2008, it started to import organic products from Extra EU countries.
  • 2009 it expanded its own activity starting the internal production of vegetable oils and presscakes.
  • 2018 it started with a new plant for cleaning, hulling and drying of cereals and seeds. The plant has two dryers: one which works at low temperature and the other one which is vertical.

Despite the growth of the company, ‘’Savi italo Srl’’ still has its familiar character and its connection with the agriculture. The company is actually in connection with farmers for the purchasing of raw materials and also with agricultural technicians.

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