We are a family business with farm and plants located in the Northern part of Italy (between Verona and Mantua). Stoppato 1887 srl is the youngest part of the family group of companies.

We mainly grow rice (Vialone Nano, Arborio and Carnaroli), corn (incl. pop corn), quinoa and legumes (chickpeas, lentils, peas, Borlotti beans), soy (incl. the Edamame variety).

Our family follows both the cultivation and processing phases of grains and legumes. Our productions have a very low environmental impact. All the cleaning, optical selection and calibration phases are carried out internally.

Beside the farm, we built a new plant where we produce popped corn and legumes chips; we mix flours and supply muesli, breakfast mix and risottos. All our products are gluten free and vegan.

The manufacturing plant is organic, gluten free and IFS certified. We are expanding the area with new lines in order to supply our customers with big quantities and different packaging options.

Our popped corn and legumes chips are:



– WITHOUT ADDED OILS (low in fat)


– WITH HIGH CONTENT OF LEGUMES (wide range of recipes)

We have always been careful to sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact. Below we list some of the initiatives we have focused on:

Part of our land is dedicated to the cultivation of rapeseed. Its oil powers our cogenerator which helps to provide thermal energy for the drying plant and electricity for the production lines and company buildings;

Since 1999 we have started the transition to precision agriculture and subsequently to 4.0 which allows us to limit, rationalizing resources. Thanks to GPS and land mapping, it is possible to carry out detailed analyzes and monitor crops so that, for example, it will be possible to avoid unnecessary movements, use only the amount of water necessary without wasting or prevent plant diseases;

The control of water resources takes place in part with the technique of sub-irrigation through underground drainage: this allows to reduce the amount of water necessary for cultivation.

We have installed solar panels that covers the entire area of ​​our production plant and together with our cogenerator makes us energetically independent. In total, we produce three times the electricity we consume: the surplus is fed into the network.

We have planted 8,000 poplars which contribute to absorb an average of 560 tons of CO2 per year.

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