Company Presentation
TAB Green Line s.r.l. was born in 1979 and with its own range of
high-quality products, from starters to desserts, it always applies to demanding customers who are fond of food and of products still cooked in an artisanal way.

Pasta Production
A typical product of our Piedmontese Langhe is our artisanal pasta, which is natural (without additives and colorants) and handmade, prepared from a dough which is then folded, cut and dried at low temperatures for about 24 hours in order to maintain the flavours of each ingredient. It is laminated, so produced without extrusion so to maintain the high-quality and when you taste it is comparable or even superior than fresh pasta.

Specialties production
One of the most famous and appreciated product by our customers is the “Genovese Pesto”, prepared according to the recipe of the Genovese consortium. We can offer you a fresh pesto with a 24-month expiry date that can be stored at room temperature.

Another of the main specialties we produce is the Truffle. We are located in Piedmont in Alba area and we produce over 50 specialties based on white and Black truffle that cover from antipasto to spreads, condiment and till to desserts.

Our wide range of appetizers and starters, with high quality raw materials, includes typical Piedmontese starters, such as stuffed chili peppers with tuna, anchovies, capers, cheese or even with the king of Langhe, the truffle. They remind you the tradition of simple and genuine tastes.

Last but not least, we also produce a wide range of desserts such as our pistachio, zabaglione and gianduja sweet spread, which are also used in the creation of our delicious soft-hearted pralines.

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