The story begins in 1977 with founder Joseph Povia, caring and passionate interpreter of the processing of ingredients of our land and turn them into tasty and popular sweets in Puglia.

The production is now concentrated on the processing of almonds, simple and natural almond orchards fruit of those that, with their flowers and their perfume, characterize and make only the Apulian territory.

The result is the Marzipan of Puglia, Amaretti a goodness inimitable in all its versions.

At the beginning of the new millennium, a new challenge: the processing of flour, grains and organic.

Birth of the organic line “TifaBene”: simple recipes and ingredients, to enhance the best tradition of handicraft workmanship with a taste that brings us back to the good things of the past.

In 2008, on the eve of other important innovations, the entrepreneur decides to make way for second generation and born LE DELIZIOSE PASTICCERIA sas, a company in which space are the three children, all with specific training, skills on production, that food technologies, to the care of the commercial aspects and management.

Investment and innovation are the chosen strategy to complete the range of products and stay on the market as protagonists.

Are added to the production of almond or hazelnut nougat, the products “sugar free” and those “gluten free”, strictly organic.

Coming to the finish of the 40 years in business, we look to the future with confidence and always with a commitment to confirm our basic philosophy that focuses on quality and authenticity, to combine the best of taste and health: the passion of a lifetime.

In order to meet the needs for quality, taste and health of our clientele, we launched the new line “Ti Fa Bene Bio” in 2010, with its 100% Organic and 100% whole biscuits, made with cereal flakes and ground cereal flours. These craft biscuits, with their genuine flavor, are made to accommodate the high request for a balanced and correct diet in every moment of life and in case of specific dietary needs.

Several factors accounted for our product diversification, such as new tastes, food intolerances, the greater attention to whole meal flours, cereals and organic crops, but above all our desire to create products that are good as well as made with excellent raw materials.

Our confectionery company has, therefore, studied how to make make cereals tasty and turn them into biscuits that are pleasing to the palate and fragrant at the same time.

Nowadays, Giuseppe Povia with his children Liliana, Mirella and Francesco has made his come true: for 40 years he has dreamt of cultivating his almond trees by controlling the entire supply chain from flowering to processing (small-scale and drying).

A line of creams was born in 2018, which comprises a natural butter prepared with Apulian almonds only.

The almonds of the Povia family are grown respecting biodiversity, growing organically behind leafy woods, thick with oaks, holm oaks, flowers and wild spices.

In 2021 we launched a line of savory snacks: gluten-free taralli. Typical Apulian product made with special flours: Oats, millet, buckwheat and rice. Our products always meet tasty and healthy.

In 2023 a new step forward. We offer the great classics of Italian pastry such as Baci di dama, Ferri di cavallo and Canestrelli revisited in our own way.

The intuition of our pastry chefs was to prefer oat and rice flour to wheat flour; Replace the classic butter of animal origin with a 100% vegetable shea butter (shea butter). All this to obtain a crumbly, fragrant and delicious shortbread for everyone!


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