Welcome to Valnerina Tartufi, Italian truffle company driven by passion, tradition, and innovation. Founded in 2007 by siblings Elisabetta and Leonardo Matteucci, we are located in the heart of Umbria, renowned worldwide as a prime destination for truffles. Our family’s rich heritage in truffle hunting has instilled in us a deep understanding and appreciation of these exquisite treasures of nature.

At Valnerina Tartufi, we passionately craft authentic truffle products that capture the essence of nature and tradition, while embracing modernity. We prioritize quality and only use natural ingredients of the highest caliber, ensuring our products are free from additives, colors, and preservatives.

Our diverse product lineup caters to a global market, offering truffle-based culinary specialties that bring unique and unforgettable flavors to everyday meals and extraordinary occasions alike. Whether it’s fresh truffles, truffle sauces, truffle flavored oils, or our tantalizing truffle condiments, we aim to create an exceptional culinary experience for our customers.

With a state-of-the-art facility boasting high production capacity and modern machinery, we provide a wide range of products and packaging options, suitable for large retailers, specialty shops, restaurants, food manufacturers, and private label partnerships.

As a family-driven enterprise, we foster a warm and friendly atmosphere within our team, reflecting the core values of trust, reliability, and professionalism in our partnerships. Valnerina Tartufi is committed to long-term collaborations, understanding the diverse needs of our customers and striving to meet and exceed their expectations.

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